Premium Leather Straps for Photographers

We receive requests for the cost of the harness we make for photographers although it is written on the site after the configuration is made. Most of the requests are received by the message on the facebook page, and there are no indelibly costs expressed. That’s why we’re redirecting it to the site to get a complete idea. After this very often do not receive news from interested phographers because of the cost, which in some people’s opinion is high.
I decided to explain how we got to calculate the cost of the straps after a photographer asked us to change a broken carabine. Unfortunately, we did not make the ham and on this occasion we will highlight some of the features of our harnesses and waht to look after if you decide to buy cheap leather straps for photographers from another manufacturer.





  • We use to build the strap accessories from the same manufacturing house, of the same material and color. All accessories are imported from Italy including the leather.
  • Buckles and sliding rings are molded in their present form. If they were welded or bent to reach the present shape, their strength would drop considerably.
  • Staples have two faces to give the product a professional look.
  • We add safety belts because we put safety first. Their production requires time, accessories; an extra that other manufacturers prefer to save. We do not joke hen comes to safety no matter how long it would take.
  • The screws are made in the lathe from stainless steel by workers according to our directions.


As a summary if we were to use leather scraps, the accessories bought from the bazar not paying much interest in how much it would support what shape and color they had, if we did not add safety belts, screws that a worker needs 35 minutes to to produce one, THEN YES, our leather straps for photographers would be much cheaper. We produce leather harnesses for premium photographers.

We did a test with one of the carbines to test its limits. See how it went:

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