Bow tie leather


Suit up for special occasion with my eye-catching leather bow tie. Unique design using the finest quality espresso brown, black, or vintage brown leather

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Give your smart outfits a dapper finish with this LEATHER Bow tie.

Manufacturing the bow ties from leather has become the mainstream in my work. Why leather? As for me, leather suits better as a matter. Firstly, leather as a material is more durable than fabric or wood.

The advanced manufacturing process allows the leather to be as thin as cloth and hence reducing the weight.

Modern people wear this accessory as an unconventional and attractive addition to an informal style. However, no matter how new fashion trends would be, a bow-tie is still a solemnly kind of a necktie. That is why this accessory’s got such enormous popularity!

Handmade from genuine leather. Clip-on with a split clip. This allows the clip to fit around the button and sit in the proper place on top of the button.

As a matter of fact, it’s suitable for work or a cocktail party and, even, for an ordinary meeting with friends. And, the most important thing is that bow ties can never be enough, some people don’t wear them but collect.