Brown Camera Strap Vintage Edition

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Best Selling Camera Strap Vintage Leather Strap Vintage Brown Edition. Strap Classy Leather Strap using high quality genuine full-grain Italian leather

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    The D-Ring are metal loops on the shoulder area. If you shoot with your long hair down we recommend making an order without the D rings for the STRAP.

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    Lay the belt out flat and measure from where the buckle attaches to the belt to the hole that you normally use. Do not include the buckle itself in your measurement.

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Being classy never goes out of style and neither our Vintage Brown Edition camera strap. With our bestselling product, you won`t get the chance to be unremarked, because all the eyes will be on you. Classy, good looking and outstanding design, that`s how we like to present the Vintage Brown Edition Camera Strap. And you don`t have to trust our words, just check the reviews section.

Give our Camera Strap a go because:

  • We are using only top-premium product from Italy, genuine Italian leather in order to create good quality genuine straps;
  • Because it`s made of durable materials and a timeless style so you can enjoy it for a lifetime;
  • In time, it doesn`t get old, it`s just developing a beautiful patina, due to the full-grain leather we are using and the two leather layers;
  • You don`t buy a camera strap, you choose to be classy with a vintage limited edition leather camera strap.

We have started our GenuineStrap Shop with one Mission: to offer the photographers all around the world two of our attributes: QUALITY and COMFORT.
In each and every camera strap created by us you will see the work of a Master Craftsman who put all his knowledge at work to create that strap which will fit your personality, it`s modern and comfortable, yet classy and durable.

In our little workroom, we know that UNIQUENESS – STYLE – GENUINE LEATHER is the perfect mix for a lifetime camera strap. We are using only top-premium products from Italy, full-grain leather and most of our products have two leather layers. This means that won`t get old, they just became better after each photo shooting.

You don` just buy a strap from us, we create that one camera strap that fits your camera and makes it complete. You can choose whether is a single strap or a leather strap for two cameras, you can choose the clasp version and you can also add a D ring.

Each GenuineStrap comes with EVERYTHING you need to shoot with two cameras including Sliders, safety catches & 2 Camera 1/4″ screws.

How to use our premium products:

  1. Install the camera screw into the tripod mount of your camera. You can check it in the VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE
  2. Install the split ring from the Safety Belt directly to the left or right side lug of your camera.
  3. Attach the clasp to the screw loop, then attach the Safety Catch clip to the previously installed ring on the left side.
  4. Please check our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more details and explanations on how to use our camera straps or other important information.

If you shoot with your long hair down we recommend making an order without the D rings for the STRAP. To order WITHOUT D rings simply select that option in the drop-down menu. If you don’t know what D rings are, they are metal loops on the shoulder area of the GenuineStrap that you can attach things to …like a third body camera.

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Weight 56 g
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One Body, Two Body

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V1, V2, V3, V4


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