Cleaning lacquered SAPHIR Incoloro


  • Vernis Rife 100ml – liquid for varnished leather SAPHIR is a very high-quality product. Its composition was meticulously selected for the needs of people who want to clean, regenerate and restore the color of their leather accessories. The liquid can be used both for the care of footwear and other items made of leather – belts, bags, furniture or clothing.
  • Vernis Rife 100ml – liquid for lacquered leather SAPHIR perfectly cleans, removes discoloration and covers minor scratches and abrasions resulting from everyday use. In addition, the agent impregnates the surface of the skin and allows you to bring out its full charm in the form of natural, nourishing color and beautiful gloss. The use of liquid allows you to extend the life of leather items and enjoy their perfect look for a long time.

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Vernis Rife 100ml – for cleaning SAPHIR lacquered fur

Vernis Rife 100ml – liquid for SAPHIR varnished leather is applied to the cleaned surface with the help of a cotton cloth. Before use, pre-treat the dust and dirt intended for the maintenance of the object and shake the container with the liquid. After drying, the skin must be polished to obtain a gloss.