Stain remover – Avel Hussard


  • For grain leather / smooth leather, suede, nubuck, fabrics – silk, wool, cotton, polyester.
    Application: furniture, upholstery, clothing, bags, haberdashery, footwear …
  • Liquid stain remover, for removing greasy and old stains from full grain leather, smooth leather, suede, nubuck and fabrics. Do not use on patent leather. Removes stains from fabrics, such as silk, wool, cotton, polyester (with the exception of poplin- strong, thick fabric with a linen weave, rubberized and waterproof fabrics).
  • Hussard with e-skins effectively removes stains from: paints, tar, oil, dyes or old layers of waxes.
  • Hussard fabric effectively removes stains from: oil, grease, deposits, grease, paint, wax, chewing gum …
  • Before every use of each agent, the test should be carried out invisible, checking the performance of the product. If the effect is correct, you can proceed.

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Stir well before use, shaking. Using a clean, dry cotton cloth, spread it over the stain, starting from the edge of the stain, towards the center of the stain. If necessary, repeat the operation using a new cloth for this purpose. Dry with a dry cotton cloth.

Due to the variety of textile and leather products, before appropriate stain removal, an invisible place should be tested with a cloth to determine if the stain remover does not discolor the skin or fabric.