Winter SAPHIR (desalination unit)


  • Desalter for Hiver Winter SAPHIR 75ml footwear is an ideal means to eliminate dirt caused by harsh weather conditions. The product removes stains caused by the action of road salt, slush, sweat and moisture. Desalter Hiver Winter SAPHIR 75ml is suitable for use on smooth, full-grain leather, suede and nubuck leather.
  • Using the product allows you to get rid of disfiguring stains on which shoes are exposed in the winter season. Salt used to sprinkle roads and pavements has a very negative impact on the condition and appearance of the skin of shoes and causes the formation of unsightly stains and discoloration

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Antysól Hiver Winter SAPHIR 75ml eliminates this problem completely thanks to a proven and modern formula. Using the remedy is extremely simple and is limited to pre-cleaning the shoes, spraying them with the preparation and cleaning the surface with a soft cloth. After use, it is recommended to nourish and lubricate the skin with another preparation or fat.
Desalter Hiver Winter SAPHIR 75ml is a colorless agent – it can be used with skins of any color. Its use does not change the color or material properties.