Paste for patent leather 75ml – TARRAGO Patent Leather


  • Paste for patent leathers 75ml TARRAGO Patent Leather can be used not only for shoe care, but also for leather accessories – belts, bags, etc. Regular use of the paste allows you to effectively cleanse, nourish and strengthen the color of your favorite shoes and accessories.
  • TARRAGO Patent Leather provides a beautiful shine and protects valuable skin from drying and cracking. The effectiveness of this unique product is the result of the use of exceptional natural ingredients: Carnauba noble palm wax and avocado oil. The paste is colorless and suitable for footwear in any color.

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Shoe polish varnished with 75ml TARRAGO Patent Leather is delivered in a convenient packaging equipped with a special sponge applicator. This allows you to quickly and effectively protect the surface of the skin and precisely clean soiled areas. Excess fluid should be removed with a damp cloth, leave the shoes to dry and polish to obtain a gloss.