Cutting Board Walnut Wood Rectangular Shape


Made of walnut wood the cutting boards have geometric shapes. Rectangular shape with a cut from where can be hung. An ideal gift, the personalized engraved logo

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Today we are bringing you a new series of products we have been working on for a while, namely hand-made platters, choppers and cutting boards.

Made of walnut wood, it has a rectangular shape and soft edges. They are carefully worked with a lot of dedication and satisfaction. Olive oil offers a semi-matte finish, highlighting wood fibre and contrasting colours. The cutting boards have geometric shapes and different sizes, some have a round shape cut, an aesthetic design element but also functional and can be hung.

Others continue with a handful of different shapes, hand sculpted and hand-polished, others still have bark, giving them a maximum contrast in colour, and some are engraved with different drawings, mandala, henna.