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Biker Pouch Leather Biker Belt Genuine Leather Biker`s Pouch Detachable Brown Belt Fanny Cross-Body Bag Leather Waist Bag

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  • Practical retro travel bag for multiple purposes;
  • Great accessory for bikers;
  • Genuine leather, premium quality;
  • Leather belt pouch;
  • Ideal for traveling, protect your documents, phones or wallet;
  • Handmade shoulder bag for biker`s, adjustable strap;
  • Perfect for cycling, outdoor activities or traveling.

Prepare your belt, take your bike and discover the world, enjoy a nice ride and don`t worry about losing your documents or your wallet. Handmade with genuine horse skin, handstitched and made with only premium products. Retro unique design, eye-catcher, and the quality of the leather make it durable and ready to whenever you need a good ride.


  • Handmade with horse skin, hard and genuine leather;
  • You can wear it as a waist belt and also as a shoulder bag, with an adjustable strap of nearly 95 cm;
  • You can easily fit all you need for a bike ride, documents, wallet or any other accessories;
  • Retro design, the perfect accessory for travel, office, cycling or other outdoor activities.

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