Family Owned. Ethically Sourced. Sustainably Made. It's In Our DNA


We started our GenuineStrap in 2015 with one mission: to offer photographers worldwide two of our attributes: QUALITY and COMFORT. In each and every camera strap created by us you will see the work of a Master Craftsman who put all his knowledge at work to create that strap which will fit your personality, it`s modern and comfortable, yet classy and durable.


In our little workshop, we know that STYLE & GENUINE LEATHER is the perfect mix for a lifetime camera strap. This means that won`t get old, they just become better after each photo shoot. You don’t just buy a strap from us, we create that one camera strap that fits your camera and makes it complete.

We use only the highest-quality full-grain Italian leathers. Leathers that we’ve held. Leathers that develop a beautiful patina. Leathers that last a lifetime. Every piece we craft undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it not only looks beautiful but will also last forever.


We produce various leather accessories. Leather will always give a touch of professionalism in any field that requires seriousness. Depending on individual needs we can manufacture order (colour, size, special compartments, etc.) leather products.


We can be reached by
Email: workshop (-@-) or direct message on our facebook page : @genuinestrap